Global Growth Plan

Mid-Term/ Moderate type Investments

  • You can invest minimum Rs 5000-(Rs. 5000-Min Rural areas& Below 200000/ annually) & 
  • Rs 10000(Rs. 10000- Min in Urban areas& Above 200000/ annually) to maximum according plan& i.e. invest upto maximum.  (No limit)
  • Minimum 6%-8% to Maximum(Maximum profit is proportional to growth of company).
  • Interest rate+ . 
  • ID # .
​​>    You can save Yearly, Half-yearly, Quarterly for 2 years then either you can convert your account in savings or withdraw.
Note:-      You can't withdraw money before 2 years from any type of account .
>          # :- You will have to submit one photo (Passport size) , Identification card and Signature through your registered email Id to
>          + :- Interest rate will start from 6 % to .5 % increment half yearly for the savings till 7-14 % to onwards bonus on fixed plan.

Your amout will be locked minimum for two years in any plan in financial service to maximum depending on your choice.
                 Interest rate will vary in Fixed deposit and Saving account . 
> *  :- Terms and Conditions .

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