Life is a journey of Investments. Think of it. From birth-feeding until last destiny-serving. To get something big, worth living and memorable.      
      Again, Think of it​. 

Business/ Opportunity

Samrat Investments is currently online , Just Start-Up to build single click  Transaction syste​m all over . Samrat Investments is currently  making Financial Transformation in India and few cities of nearest country. Samrat Investments is growing rapidly to expand business for Customer as well as Innovators, Investors and to reach maximum, If you are impatient to change financial problem / suffering and interested to work with us , Launch it in new area You Are Welcome . We work to merge the profit of share market and bank for customers at same time and place , its (profit) financial wise not organisation connected . Always check the current interest rate for better profit.
​                                                      For Part Time / Students we provides Internship any time .


#SamratInvestmentsChallenge2023 Campaign's approach is to experience every single individual the essence& beauty of Financial freedom, Financial Awareness& Help him out of Financial Illiteracy. We are not just working to connect them with bank but having them access to use their resources to live Economical Strength. Over 2.5 billion people survive with no financial Identity, Most having banks accounts but not the balance, Must having the ability but not the resources, Most having the dedication but not the opportunity, Most having the life but not the freedom in it, Most having the feathers but not the courage to fly, Must having the Dream but not path& goals- We aim to wipe out these by collaborating with you through the help of Education& Awareness.
          Human deserves the best& must be served as well.


If you would like to business with us, Increase your wealth. You are welcome to invest with us. We work to grow the possible economy for you. For the betterment, We assure you the better deal here, We are not here to run a brand rather than interact with mass to Change, Improve, Transform their life.
We invest in your idea to make world a better place for living with your help. You must have trust on yourself.
If you think you can make changes, You are welcome at Samrat Investments. We respect those who love to experience, experiment & solve problems. You must meet our team if you are worth it, we are waiting for you. Just not to grow our business but to forward something to next generations. Help someone to  live life at its fullest.
 For the pursuit of happiness within life.
Those who are worth it

What's your Idea  
Before brand/business we are idea& hope.
Ideas are like pollens , they don’t need reason to rule/serve , They need the better people to make more better .

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We understand the blood, sweat, tears& commitment it takes to run a business& to earn a penny for every indivisual. Your success is our success too. We dream a better life for every child who breathes every now.
We want to create such atmosphere that you don't feel the need of Customer Service . 
The dreams in every eyes to aspire the happiness , Company is what the customer is . 
We work to serve you to experience Financial Freedom, No to Fraud and Excessive Payment .
 We work so that you can transact from anywhere either online as well as offline from all over region.

We believe you should be paid high interest of your time, money and banking facility easily .We efforts to protect the value , dignity and fulfill the needs of your day to day life. We expect you to provide only one things on time i.e  your Support& TRUST. We hope to make more better products everyday by innovation, hard work &feasible for the pursuit of happiness.

Our Partners

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Samratians experience a better atmosphere of creativity, dream& progress.
We believe in your freedom to shape your potential and dream for the better cause of human race. You become a part of team where you experience trust, transparency, chances to enhance your ability, rewards of your dedication and hope to grow even better every moment. You realize the leadership in you by collaborations of experts like you and a sense of purpose to live& work to rest of your life. It all starts with a step, choice and dreams.
  • We assure you to value, understand the essence of company; Evil minded& corrupt are strictly prohibited in our campus.
  • We expect you to be human first then employee; same is the need of society, Keep in mind that you are working for the same society.
  • We hope you will be responsible and a bit of sensible;
  • Samratians campus needs and accept the people who have ability to follow himself at his highest potential, Guts to save their dreams & Courage to face the mistakes and challenges & Importantly the human who is eager enough to learn at least.
  • Your work for clients must resembles the same dedication quality what you expect for yourself as a consumer.